What is PEOPLE?


PEOPLE is an interview series to be released this October 2016. The interviews aim to ask, and uncover simple ideas of life – challenges, and perceptions of people who overcame those challenges. That kind of encompasses a lot, but yet asks the basic questions, that refuse to leave our mind every day.

The series aims to understand why people chose a job, or a lifestyle. This is about those people who work tirelessly, but with passion, engrossed in their work, but yet involved with communities, maybe understated sometimes, but are knitting a slow revolution. In all interviews taken, there have been two common questions, that I have always wanted to ask inspiring people.

  1. What according to you, is the greatest resource?

  2. What is the purpose of life?

When I shared these two questions with a friend, he said, ‘You can’t ask such questions, searching the answers to which, people have left kingdoms and settled under banyan trees’. We laughed knowing that the Buddha surely did undertake this journey, but not every one’s truth lies under a tree. Someone’s truthful joy might be sitting in a little girl’s smile, a smile which yet needs to take birth. Someone’s truthful penance might be in living with the wild, and communicating their beauty to the ‘civilised’ world. Someone’s truthful experiences, could be found in their own art.

The many answers received for these questions, have all had a string of similarity, and yet a world of a difference. Each represents cultural, social, and philosophical traditions that these people come from – each beautiful in their own way. Along with these are questions, and answers curated according to the lives people live, why, and how.

8 interviewees, 4 weeks, coming to you soon.


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