A Funny Day in Singing Class


My teacher is highly trained in the Lucknow gharana style of Hindustani classical singing. She is wonderful teacher and guide. Even with a highly patient attitude, singing is a class that requires a different level of patience since many times people just don’t hear that they are going wrong. My teacher is the lady who after listening to someone’s practise where hit only one note in the entire raag composition, will merely say ‘why don’t you practise more’, instead of ‘practise before intentionally making my ears bleed’. Training the ear of a student, requires a silent environment and such is usually established in our classes.

However, one day we students were witness to something very silly and hilarious. Our relatively large classroom has a room within it, where young children come to learn phonetics. The room has a window just as the one below –


They are children just learning to speak in full sentences. Needless to say they are interested in more fun things like music, and dancing. Their teacher is the opposite of my music teacher. Not too patient, and pretty strict. Unlike most days, this day we weren’t singing notations alone [ notations in hindi are called bols, for example ni da (s) pa ma pa ga ma pa (sss)] and we were singing a song, just to practise something different.

As we start of with our choir like echo, the children across door have got up to lean, like the college students who drop out to pursue their passion. They seem to look like they’re saying ‘I don’t need to know no more 4 letter words, I need sing and I need sing now’. At first there was one boy, probably 4 years of age, tip toeing to watch us. After which there was a slightly taller child resting on the first guy’s shoulder climbing atop a chair, yet keeping his head low. One after the other the image became something like this –


One word from the crazy phonetics’ teacher and they jumped like their butts were on fire, and ran back to their place, and we had a laugh. And we continued our practise, and the little children continued theirs. Maybe some were just looking for some distraction, and some were genuinely interested in music, but so often than not we ‘adults’ do the same. We look for distractions, and with some clarity and wisdom if we can understand whether it is our passion/interest calling us, or a distraction life would be easier.

Interested to know what were singing? click here to see my practise video of the same – https://www.instagram.com/p/BTq6pojBJDr/?taken-by=iampashadotorg


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