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Hello human!

We’re all impermanent. If we know we’re going to die one day we can live as though nothing is a miracle, or everything is one (said Albert Einstein). I fall under the latter category, and love to record my ideas and experiences on this earth. This is primarily why I wholeheartedly have chosen to bare my thoughts – with love.

What is pasha?

Since my name is Palak Sharma, putting it together gave me ‘PaSha’.

What do I do?

For the most part, I nap a lot. Apart from which, I am graduate of Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune with a major in economics, and minor in international relations. As Founder Director of Happy Triangle Foundation, I work to curate and conduct workshops on environmental awareness, and gender equality, with young school children. Recently completed a course in Buddhist Philosophy at Somaiya Centre for Buddhist Studies, I have also been auto dictating the philosophy for 5 years now.

Simultaneously, I am a Shaper at Global Shapers Pune (initiative of the World Economic Forum), and work to replicate GNH and HDI, in Pune as Community Development Index, and communications. Haven spoken at TEDx Bhilwara, and GNH and Centre for Bhutan Studies’ Vajrayana conference, on buddhism, economics and the environment.

What do I like to write about?

I like to cover any sustenance for the mind, and food for thought. I like to write about the small incidents that teach a lot. My most dear interests have been philosophies, and ideas. Economics is my academic interest, and my philosophical interests range from hinduism, buddhism, to works of Jiddu Krishnamurti, Albert Camus, and more.

Anything I write about might be closely related to these topics, and their philosophical aspects, in relation to our environment and planet. If you want to share something contact me on iampasha.org@gmail.com.

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