Transportation in India vs. Australia

As an Indian, I could not help but want this system in India.


My experience with Kalaripayattu

I recently had the honour of visiting Kochi, and watching Kalaripayattu experts show their skills in a wondrous and breathtaking series of attack like scenarios. Kalaripayattu is believed to be the mother of all martial arts. Amongst many Chinese traders, was Boddhidharma who visited Kerala. When he was acquainted by the art of Kalaripayattu he…

What Bhutan taught me

After visiting Bhutan I do not remember it as a place, but as a home that hosts honest love to the environment like never seen before. It hosts the philosophies that people can not understand easily, but only observe the effects of when followed in their daily lives. The ideas perpetrated by many are followed¬†in…

Colaba’s billowing smoke

Lately I have been interning at Gateway House: Indian Council for Foreign Relations, situated at Cecil Court, Colaba and was witness to the Metro building fire, on 2nd of June. This article aims to share a bit of my experience of the same.

My experience with singing

I remember being absolutely petrified when in 3rd standard I had to recite a poem before my class. That was my first experience of speaking before a crowd – a classroom of 10 year old girls. It does not seem too daunting now, but then left every hair on me shivering. Since then, I have…