How to find yourself, and your work, with Kierkegaard

He wonders that if work keeps us sane in this crazy world, what could help us not be factory manufactured ‘sane sheep’? What type of work could keep us awake about the reality of life, and yet in love with our work?


My experience with Kalaripayattu

I recently had the honour of visiting Kochi, and watching Kalaripayattu experts show their skills in a wondrous and breathtaking series of attack like scenarios. Kalaripayattu is believed to be the mother of all martial arts. Amongst many Chinese traders, was Boddhidharma who visited Kerala. When he was acquainted by the art of Kalaripayattu he…

What Bhutan taught me

After visiting Bhutan I do not remember it as a place, but as a home that hosts honest love to the environment like never seen before. It hosts the philosophies that people can not understand easily, but only observe the effects of when followed in their daily lives. The ideas perpetrated by many are followed in…